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7 ways to improve hand writing.

Best 7 ways to improve hand writing: Those students who are studying now, if their handwriting is not good, their result is quite bad.

In this article, we will give some very useful tips to students so that they can improve their handwriting.

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Handwriting is the first Impression of any person, especially this problem is caused by the students of the school because even after reading well, marks are reduced due to handwriting only.

It is said that your handwriting only shows how you are in reading, but there are many of us who are very worried about their useless handwriting.  Everyone wants their handwriting to be the most beautiful and attractive, today we will tell you how you can make your handwriting good and beautiful.

 You should make a habit of writing

The importance of handwriting has diminished due to the increasing trend of computers and SMS.  Today's children find it easier and more modern to type on a computer than to write by hand.  

This is the reason that neither children pay attention to improving handwriting nor do teachers bother to try in this direction, whereas the reality is that good handwriting is very important to be successful in future.

It is most important that you start writing practice.

For good writing, it is important to practice writing, for this you can get into the habit of writing by looking in a newspaper or a magazine, students can also try writing by looking at the course of their book.  

The most important thing to keep in mind is that while writing you should pay attention to your words and make sure to practice the words which are not becoming beautiful.  The more you write, the more your writing will improve.

Write the words and letters correctly

With more and more writing, you should also pay attention to your handwriting that your words and letters should be equally spaced between it, so that your written article looks very clean and beautiful. 

 A clean and beautiful copy is sent to the principal of the school for checking, so the copy of which is written well and beautifully has a very good effect on the principal.  

The more you try to write in this way, the more you will see a difference in your handwriting.

Focus on the size of the words 

When writing, keep in mind your words that your words are not too big because your writing may look bad due to very big words and if your handwriting is too small then the reader may have trouble in understanding.  

Always take care that a word is too short or big bean is not out of line.  Always have your words in common, ie not too big or too small, which is easy to read.

  Don't stress too much

When you start writing, always pay attention to one thing that never write too much pressure, it can make your writing useless. 

 While writing, always keep in mind that there is not much pressure on the nib of the pen or pencil, because handwriting has a great effect on increasing pressure.  In addition to this, your copy can also be spoiled.

Don't rush in handwriting

When you start to improve handwriting, first start writing slowly and focus on writing your letters correctly.  

Always writing fast makes the handwriting bad, so for good handwriting, whatever you are writing, write comfortably because the letters are not written properly because of haste, which has a great impact on the writing.  

Along with bad handwriting, there is a lot of possibility of mistakes too.  If once you get used to writing correctly, then you will write well even if you write fast.

 Take care while writing

Try to write without being cut-out and do not over write.  If something went wrong, just cross it with a single line and leave a gap of two fingers before starting a new paragraph.  

By doing this, whatever you have written, anyone can read and understand very well.  

The article written cleanly is good to our minds, which helps you to understand or make it through which students can get good marks.

 Take care of stationery too

Whatever pen or pencil you are using for writing, it should be comfortable and right for you so that you do not have trouble while writing.  

In addition to traditional and machine pencils, other types of instruments such as ballpoint, roll-on and felt pens can also be used. 

Finding or using a pen that will be very useful to improve your handwriting.

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