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Boys and girls this is your golden age, live it to the fullest!

This adolescence starts from 13 when you have a strange hormonal rush in your body, things just sound amazing, people's voice cracks and the body starts becoming muscular, the menstrual cycle starts for girls Yes, breasts start to develop, etc. But these are just physical changes that are more important is the emotional changes!


As hormones are on the joy ride inside your body, you start feeling different emotions like, attraction, aggression, partner, infatuation, jealousy, your ego starts playing a role in your decision making, And surveys show that 1 in 5 teens goes through depression at some point in their teen years, and in the worst cases, the depression stays with them after adolescence. There are family conflicts where you have ego problems with your parents, why do you think they don't understand you and parents think what happened to their kids who listened to everything they said.

These things are inevitable, they are the most important part of your teenage journey, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to "let things go", calm down, let these years pass, and finally, Everything nature will do for you.

Below are some common conditions that teens often go through, and what you need to do if you are in one of these! let's know

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are you in love?

It's a wonderful time, what you get is amazing, it seems like the best phase of your life. Everything is good until you start giving a lot in relationships.  Don't make that girl or that boy your everything, I know they are very special to you but no one is bigger than your parents. Don't fight with your parents, because after a few years you will say what I am saying now. Don't get me wrong but usually, the relationship you get into at this age doesn't last more than 6-7 months, and there's nothing wrong with that, enjoy your time, stay true and dream of those crazy futures  Don't look, because none of that bullshit will ever come true.

Are you going through a breakup?

Breakup is a blessing for you, breakup will build your character, you will understand a lot about human psychology and how things work. And it's just one chapter of life, there are so many people in the world, don't think your life is over, you won't find any more, I know that's easy to say but believe it.  After some time you will laugh at yourself.  That you wasted time in this nonsense.

Don't your parents listen to you?

There will be times when you feel that why your parents don't understand you, why they don't listen to you or even make you feel like they are specifically against you in some cases. 

But well, I understand the frustration, but you know it's the same for your parents, they think why don't you listen to them, what happened to their good kid. 

There is a generation gap between you and them and it will take time to adapt to this social change, so do what you want to do, but increase the intensity slowly, so that you get some scolding every now and then. 

But they will soften each time and soon they will adjust to your way of thinking. Whatever they do is never with the thought of controlling and harassing you, they think they are protecting you from this bad society, they just want your good.

Do you have peer pressure in any area?

This age is about impressing others, doing "nice things" and being the best among your peers, that's okay to an extent, but remember that people only respect those who respect themselves need to stand up. Beliefs and values, if you feel that doing something is not right like doing drugs or smoking or drinking alcohol at a young age just say no.  Many of my friends who once started smoking under the pressure of trying, still regret doing so.

Do you have fights too?

This age is especially infamous for fighting and arrogance, as long as you don't gather many people to defeat just one man, fighting is no big deal, remember that the best fights are those that are avoided goes.  

The real strength is not in taking the shit out of a person by gathering many people because of an ego issue, but in knowing that you yourself can beat that person, But you should choose not to fall into this mess of fighting. 

Life seems meaningless to many.

It usually comes in the later stage of this teenage stage in which you feel the existential crisis, you have gone through love, breakup, fights, etc and now you are unable to figure out what you want from life, and what's right for you! Give yourself time, set a goal—it can be anything (keep something you think you can't), write it on a card, and start taking action towards it, soon. Things will take shape and everything will make sense!

This is the best phase of your life.  Live to the fullest!!


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