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If you read history books and consider China as a fraud, or if you hate China seeing the condition of Chinese goods. China is such a country in the world that people are always eager to know something about it. Whether it is their culture or food. But there are many things related to "China", about which people do not know. Let's know - Secret interesting facts about China.

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1. Training of Soldiers : In China, when soldiers are trained, their uniform collar is pinned so that they can keep their necks up.

2. Around the world, where eggs are boiled in water, the same is boiled in China.

3. 40 million cats are eaten every year in the name of delicious food in China.

4. The pollution in the air of bijing is so much that the harm caused by breathing here is equal to drinking 21 cigarettes a day.

5. 30 million people live in cave-like houses in China.

6. In 2010, 100 km long traffic was blocked in Shanghai City, China. This jam lasted for 12 days.

7. In China, every 30 seconds a child is born who is affected by Janmajat Dosh.

8. Rich people in China can send zell to others in exchange.

9. English speaking people are more in China than America.

10. If you see a giant panda in any corner of the world, then blindly believe that China has the right on this. China has leased (rented) this species, their children will also have the right to China.

11. If you go to see the Earth from the "Hot air Balloon", then Yangshuo city of China will be seen as the most beautiful.

12. By 2025, there will be 10 cities in China such as Newyork.

13. In China, a boy sold his kidney just to buy an iPad.

14. In China, there is a high demand for soup made from bird's nest, the nest which is used for this soup is sold at the rate of about one and a half lakh rupees per kg.

15. In China, a man was sentenced to 12 years because he killed and ate the last Chinese tiger.

16. The interesting fact is that out of 10 Chinese students who went to study in other countries, 7 never return.

17. There are so many incidents of suicide in China that you can also get a job to remove dead body from the river.

18. In China, Facebook, Twitter and The newyork times have been closed since 2009.

19. There are also camps in China for the treatment of people suffering from Internet addiction.

20. China is the country where most journalists and Internet users are in jail.

21. China is number one in selling sextoys.

22. It takes only 38 days to start a business in China.

23. America does not have as many population as there are cell phones in China.

24. In China 45 billion chapsticks are used every year, for this, 2 crore trees are cut every year.

25. Years ago, the world's first paper money was made in China.

26. By 2020, there will be 3 to 4 crore men in China who will not be getting girls for marriage.

27. As many people go to church in all countries of Europe, more people go to church on Sunday in China.

28. In 1973, China proposed to give 1 crore women to the US to boost population.

29. Half of all the pigs in the world are in China alone.

30. If you dig deep in some place in the land of China, you will reach Argentina or Chile.

31. Bras are also offered in China in degrees.

32. Between 2011 and 2013, China used so much cement, which the United States did not do in the entire 20th century.

33. Chinese people smoke 50,000 cigarettes every second.

34. The world's largest shopping mall is in China but by 2005 it was 99 percent empty.

35. In China, the favorite hobby of most people is stamping.

36. Arrow command was also first used in China.

37. It is illegal to own a red car in Shanghai city of China.

38. China accounts for 29 percent of the world's air pollution.

39. Most of the Chinese people are watching the same television channel at seven o'clock in the evening.

40. The population of China is so much, that if we were told to make a line, then this line will never end because only children are born there.

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