MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 1 Teach Me to Listen, Lord Various info Studytoper

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MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 1 Teach Me to Listen, Lord

MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

Word Power Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

A. The verbs in the table describe how loudly/softly a person is speaking and also, often, indicate mood. Use a dictionary and find out what they describe or indicate.

VerbPitch of the voiceMost likely mood
murmursoftromantic or complaining
screamhighfear or pain

B. Can you underline the silent letters in the following words?
psychic; comb; honest; Christmas; knowledge; farm.

Comprehension Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

A. Choose the correct option

Question 1.
According to the poet, the persons nearest to him are :
(i) members of his family
(ii) friends
(iii) co-workers
(iv) all of them.
(iv) all of them.

Question 2.
The poet has not mentioned people as far from him …………….
(i) hopeless
(ii) down-trodden
(iii) forgotten
(iv) anguished.
(ii) down-trodden

Question 3.
Conscience is the inner voice that warns us against ………..
(i) helping the poor
(ii) worshipping the God
(iii) an exploitation
(iv) a sinful deed.
(iv) a sinful deed.

Question 4.
The poet wants us to reach to the ……….. and listen to their plea.
(i) criminals
(ii) oppressed people
(iii) good speakers
(iv) good listeners.
(ii) oppressed people

Question 5.
The poet wants us to listen to
(i) our own voice
(ii) Our friend’s advice
(iii) God’s voice
(iv) all of them
(iv) all of them

B. Fill in the blanks using the correct words from those given below:”

listening, heed, a good listener, a prayer, conscience
(i) This poem is in the form of ….
(ii) The poet wants us to be …………..
(iii) …….. is a skill that is acquired through dedication and practice.
(iv) Our …….. distinguishes between what is right and what is wrong.
(v) We should ……… the voices which may not be within earshot.
(i) a prayer
(ii) a good listener
(iii) listening
(iv) conscience
(v) heed.

Speaking Time Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

A. Read the following words aloud and mark the stress on the second

Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

B. Listen to the pronunciation of the following words and transcribe them. Say whether a particular word is a noun, an adjective, or a verb :

MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

Reading Time Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

Read the following poem carefully: – We are the Future

Not just u or
Not just he or she, but we
We work as a team.
We live by our creed, coz we believe.
That we, are the future !!
We have the power, we have the strength
We’ll finish the race, no matter the length.
We work together, a team as a whole.
Accepting every challenge, every aim and every goal.
We, are the future !!
The future’s unknown, it’s a story untold. .
It’s a movie unseen, to be made by you and me.
No matter what they tell you, our future is bright.
We’ll face every hurdle, we’ll climb up the height.
We, are the future !!
From cities and towns, here we’ve come.
Together as one, to build our nation.
Young women and men, walking hand in hand.
We stand by our creed, proud to be Indians.
We, are the future !!

Song by: Sonia Shirsat

Now answer the questions given below :

Question 1.
‘We work as a team’. What does the poet really mean by the word ‘We’ in this line ?
By ‘We’ the poet really means Indians.

Question 2.
What makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’? (2009)
Working together makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’.

Question 3.
“We’ll face every hurdle”. What sort of hurdles the poet thinks about?
The future is unknown and uncertain. We may come across many obstructions. They are called ‘hurdles’.

Question 4.
What will be the result if we face all the hurdles successfully?
If we face all hurdles successfully the result will be that we’ll climb the height.

Question 5.
Where have we come from to build our nation?
We have come from towns and cities to build our nation.

Question 6.
On what basis can we say that we are “proud to be Indians ?”
The basis of saying we are ‘proud to be Indian’s is that we walk hand in hand and we stand by our creed.

Question 7.
‘We, are the future !’ What are the poet’s expectations from ‘We’?
The poet’s expectations from ‘We’ are that their aim should be building our nation by co-operation. ‘We’ must work hand in hand. ‘We’ should stand by our creed and should be proud to be Indians.

Question 8.
Find out the words from the poem which mean the same as these words :

  • a set of principles or religious beliefs – creed
  • problems or difficulties – hurdles
  • to get connected very closely – hand in hand

Question 9.
Summarise the poem in about 80 words. (2009)
The poem is a pledge of the Indians to build the nation strong and prosperous. We possess the necessary potential for it. Forgetting our differences we stand united. We will work as a team. Some people are negative thinkers. But we firmly believe that the future is ours. Inspire of all obstacles we will reach the height walking hand in hand. Whether we are villagers or town dwellers we will co-operate with one another. We will overcome all problems. We are proud to be Indians.

Additional Question Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

Question 1.
Why do we want to live in the Future?
We live by our creed because we believe that we are the future.

Writing Time Chapter 1Teach Me to Listen, Lord

Summarise in 60 words the ideas expressed in the poem ‘Teach me to Listen to Lord’. Model your answer on the ‘PIOFER’ technique.
We should listen to those who are the nearest. They all want our attention and recognition. We should listen to the voices of the oppressed and the suffering. We should also listen to the inner voice that tells us what is right and what is wrong. Finally, we should listen to God’s voice which guides us everywhere and at all times.

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