MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 The Rightful Inheritors of the Earth Various info Studytoper

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MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 The Rightful Inheritors of the Earth

MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 The Rightful Inheritors of the Earth

Table of content (TOC)

Word Power

A. Draw a line from the left-hand column to the right-hand column joining collective words with their appropriate nouns.


B. Can you change the following objects into their smaller versions.

  • book — booklet
  • cigar — cigarette
  • isle — islet
  • leaf — leaflet


A. Read the story and draw connectors to join the consumers and consumables as given in the story.

  • coconuts – bats
  • sapotas – bats
  • guavas – bats
  • mangoes – bats
  • chicks – crows and hawks
  • hens – mongooses
  • jack fruit – squirrels and crows.

B. Fill in the blanks :

(i) Soon there were mongooses in the ………. thickets. (bamboo/coconut)
(ii) There emerged a fierce creature without hands or ……… or wings. (head/legs)
(iii) In four days, five hens, …….. squirrels, two hundred rats and a cat died. (six/twelve)
(iv) The gratified bats flew away after eating the (kemels/coconuts)
(v) In a split second, about people surrounded us. (hundred/thousand)
(i) bamboo
(ii) legs
(iii) twelve
(iv) kernels
(v) hundred.

Language Practice

A. Use the third form of the appropriate verb in the sentences given below.

1. Cotton is in Egypt.
2. The money was by the thief.
3. Our jewels were in a locker.
4. English is in many countries.
5. This book is by an Indian.
6. All the ice cream was yesterday.
7. The rooms were last evening.
8. I was by a mad dog.

  1. grown
  2. stolen
  3. kept
  4. spoken
  5. written
  6. eaten
  7. swept
  8. bitten.

B. Write questions using the passive.

Question 1.
Ask about the telephone. (when/invent)

Question 2.
When was the telephone invented?
Ask about glass. {how/make)

Question 3.
How was glass made?
Ask about Australia. (when/discover)

Question 4.
When was Australia discovered?
Ask about silver. (what/use for)

Question 5.
What is silver used for?
Ask about television. (when/invent)
When was television invented?

C. What do these words mean? Use ‘it can’………….or ‘it can’t’

  1. washable, it can be washed.
  2. unbreakable, it can’t be broken.
  3. edible, it can be eaten.
  4. unusable, it can’t be used.
  5. invisible, it can’t be seen.
  6. portable, it can be moved.

D. Rewrite these sentences instead of using ‘somebody’ or ‘they’, write a passive sentence.

Question 1.
Somebody has cleaned the room.
The room has been cleaned.

Question 2.
They have postponed the concert.
The concert has been postponed.

Question 3.
Somebody is using the computer at the moment.
The computer is being used at the moment.

Question 4.
When we got to the stadium we found that they had canceled the game.
When we got to the stadium we found that the game had been canceled.

Question 5.
They are building a new ring road around the city.
A new ring road is being built around the city.

Speaking Time

List the following words under the four columns according to the sound.



MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 11 The Rightful Inheritors of the Earth

Reading Time

Read the given passage carefully :

Nature’s bounty is boundless. If you try to list the millions of of-things all around you, there will be no end to it. Everything in nature is a marvel in itself. Even the simplest things which you take for granted are not really simple. For example, you have seen colourful pretty flowers and enjoyed the sweetness of various fruits. And imagine, it is the soil that helps the plants create such riot of colors and variety of tastes!

There is a scientific explanation involving genes and chromosomes— behind the evolution of every living thing. Yet the sight of a green-covered, red-fleshed watermelon or a fragrant bright rose growing makes you think. These are just a few examples of the fascinating variety that nature offers.

There are thousands of other things in nature’s treasure trove, which are absolutely different from what you come across in your daily life. Have you ever heard of an entire range of high hills smoking fumes in the air for years together? Or about a city in England having received frog rain’? Or of a reptile that can actually walk on water?

There are many such unusual facts about your natural surroundings which, when brought to light, surprise you and trigger your curiosity to know more. For instance, even a child knows about an elephant, but how many of you know that an elephant’s trunk comprises more than forty thousand muscles?
Such intriguing facts make the study of nature interesting.

Now answer the questions given below :

Question 1.
Find out the words from the passage which can function as nouns and as verbs as well.
marvel, walk, surprise, trigger.

Question 2.
How can you say that nature’s bounty is boundless? (2010)
‘Nature’s bounty is boundless’. Explain it. (2009)
We can say that nature’s bounty is boundless because there are millions of things that nature has given to us. Nature is very generous. For millions of years, it is giving millions of people food, clothing, and other necessary articles. It has great stock. Some people fear that what will. happen in the future. In the olden days, people thought that when the wood is exhausted how will we get energy. Then coal came, then gas, petrol, and atomic energy. So we say that nature’s bounty is boundless.

Question 3.
What helps plants create colors and a variety of tastes?
The soil helps plants create colors and a variety of tastes.

Question 4.
What things in nature make you think?
The sight of a green-covered, red-fleshed watermelon or a fragrant bright rose growing makes us think.

Question 5.
What kind of fascinating varieties of nature you can think of?
There are a number of fascinating varieties of nature we can think of.

Question 6.
‘Treasure trove’ means valuable things that ‘are found hidden. Mention such a thing which you consider as a treasure trove.
In some old places and buildings, valuable things were buried underground. It is a treasure trove according to me.

Question 7.
What things in nature arouse your curiosity? (2009)
The Etna volcano Italy, the Bermuda Triangle, arouse our curiosity. These things possess great mystery and wonder. The Etna volcano is erupting for so many years and still is not ending. In the Bermuda Triangle, many ships and airplanes were lost mysteriously. No one knows the answer. So these things arouse our curiosity.

Question 8.
What facts make the study of nature interesting?
Various facts about the human body as the working of the heart and knowledge that it works only 9 hours each day and rest for the rest part. Such facts make the study of nature interesting.

Question 9.
Give a suitable title to the passage.
Nature: A Mysterious Thing.

Writing Time

Question 1.
You are a Librarian. Write a letter to a firm enquiring about some books that you urgently require for your library.
M/s Sahitya Pustak Bhandar,
Booksellers and stationers,
Hospital Road,
Bhopal (M. P.)
Subject—Enquiry about some books.
We need some books for our library. Hence you are requested to send your price list along with the terms and conditions.

  • Advanced Grammar and Composition by Dr. C. S. Mehta.
  • Super Physics by Dr. H. N. Miranda.
  • Chemistry for H. S. Classes by D. P. Mule.
  • Hindi Grammar & Composition by J. V. Upadhyaya.

Please send the required information at your earliest.
K. Joshi Librarian
Model H. S. School, Ratlam

Question 2.
Last month you bought a digital camera from Modern Electronics, Jabalpur. Now you And something wrong with it. It is not working properly. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about the problem.
Suresh Ahirwar 181, Tal Katora Jabalpur (M. P.)
17 Oct., 20…
Modem Electronics,
Sadar Market,
Jabalpur (M. P.)
I bought a digital camera from your shop on 1st Sep., 20… Vide Cash Memo AWH/5/24/4 dated 1-9-20… The camera has a one-year guarantee. But suddenly it developed technical defects. Its switch is not working properly. Flashbulb has gone out and the pictures are also not clear. Since the Camera is within the guarantee period, I request you to replace it at your own expense.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully
s. Ahirwar

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