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Those who are planning to learn and understand the topics of MP Board Class 12th English Solutions General English Invitations and Replies can get from this page for free of cost. Make sure you use them as reference material at the time of preparation and as a good grade in the final exam. Students who find it difficult to learn English concepts can take the help of this MP Board Class 12th English Invitations and Replies PDF and easily answer all questions in the exam. Go through the below sections and get Class 12th English MP Board Solutions PDF. Students can also download MP Board 12th Model Papers so that you can revise the entire syllabus and get more marks in your exams.

MP Board Class 12th General English Invitations and Replies

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MP Board Class 12th General English Invitations and Replies

Formal and Informal Invitations

  • Formal Invitations are often printed invitation cards, through which we send invitation letters to our acquaintances in marriage, birthday, or any auspicious work.
  • Informal Invitations are like a personal letter written to your friends and acquaintances.
  • The language should be simple in both the types of invitations.

Some Examples

Formal Invitations

1. You are a student of Govt. H. S. School, Ratlam. The school is holding its annual function. Write an invitation on behalf of the Principal of your school inviting the important people of the town to attend the function to be held on August 17, 20……. at 10.00 am.

The Principal and the Staff
Govt. H. S. School
request your benign presence – on the auspicious occasion
The Annual Function
of the school
at 10.00 am on August 17, 20…
Shri K. K. Agarwal, /. A. S.

will be the Chief Guest and will give away the prizes to the students.

R. S. V. P. :
Govt. H. S. School

2. Draft an invitation on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Sharma of 21, Sector- 14, Bhopal, which they may use to invite their friends and relatives on the birth anniversary of their son Raunak at their residence on August 16, 20

Mr. and Mrs. Sharma
request the pleasure of your benign presence
on the auspicious occasion of the
Birthday Celebrations
their son
at their residence
21, Sector-14, Bhopal
at 3.30 p.m.
August 16, 20
R. S. V. P.
Mr. & Mrs. Sharma

Informal Invitations

1. Your friend from Manipur is staying in the school hostel. Send him an invitation to celebrate Diwali at your house.
51, Ratnapura, Morena
25th, October 20….

Dear Mahesh
It gives me great pleasure in inviting you to my house on Diwali. I am sure you will feel at home in the company of my younger brothers and sisters. We shall have great fun. I am sure you will join us in the ‘Puja’ and Diwali celebrations.

Yours sincerely
Manoj Saxena

2. You are Rishi Mishra of 24, Sector-21.Chandigarh. Invite your class-fellow and friend to the wedding of your elder brother. (2011)

24, Sector-21
20th March, 20….

Dear Sujeet
I invite you to be present at the wedding of my elder brother Ramesh on 21st of April, 20 Please join us at Lunch at 1 p. m. The marriage party will leave for Hotel Ranjeet, New Delhi exactly at 5 p. m. Kindly join us on an auspicious day and oblige.

Yours sincerely
Rishi Mishra


1. You are Pranjal. You have received a letter from your close friend, inviting you to attend the marriage of his sister. But unfortunately, you cannot attend it due to your previous commitments. Write him a letter regretting your inability to attend the marriage ceremony.
201, Gautam Nagar, Bhopal
14th August, 20

Dear Ravi
I am indeed thankful to you for inviting me to attend the marriage of your elder sister Kalpana. Unfortunately, due to some unavoidable previous engagements, I shall not be able to attend it. Kindly accept a small wedding- gift that I am sending for Kalpana ‘Didi’ through a registered parcel on this auspicious occasion.

Yours sincerely

2. You are Prantik. You have been invited to attend a birthday party of your close friend. Respond to this invitation.
15, L. I. G. Colony, Jabalpur
10th December, 20…………

Dear Harsh it
I feel honored for being invited to attend your birthday party on 15th December, 20... I am extremely sorry to inform you that some very urgent and unavoidable engagements will keep me tied down here on that day. Kindly accept a small gift that I am- sending by a registered parcel and oblige.

Wishing you a very happy birthday.
Yours sincerely

Exercises For Practice

  1. Write a suitable advertisement for Delhi Public School specializing in English speaking courses besides other courses.
  2. On behalf of Kota classes, draft an advertisement to be published in a newspaper to attract the young students of IX, X, XI, and XII who intend to become doctors.
  3. In response to an appeal of the Prime Minister of India, you have arranged a Charity Show in your school in aid of cancer patients of the country. Write out a notice to be displayed on the school notice- board informing the students about the show and seeking their co-operation for the success of the Charity Show.
  4. You are Avinash Rao, Cultural Secretary of Golden Academy, Indore. Write a notice for the school notice-board informing the students that Inter-school Declamation Contest to be held in your school has been postponed for a week. Give details of the new program.
  5. You are the Secretary of the History Association of your school. -You are to organize an inter-school History Quiz in your school. Draft a notice/ circular inviting the entries from different schools of Delhi.
  6. Draft a poster for your library on the ‘Value of Books and Reading’ in your life today. You may use a visual to make it meaningful.
  7. You are the Secretary of the Creative Arts of your school. Your club is organising a ‘On-The-Spot Painting Competition’ at the school campus on the coming Sunday. Prepare a graceful poster for the occasion.
  8. Design a poster for a ‘Science Exhibition’ you are going to organize in your school.
  9. You are Raj Rishi Mehra of 24, M. P. Nagar, Bhopal. Draft an invitation for your friends and relatives, inviting them on the fifth birth anniversary of your daughter Neera at your residence.
  10. Draft a. wedding invitation inviting guests, friends, and relatives on
    the auspicious occasion of the marriage of your son Mahesh with Meera, daughter of Sh. Ram Kishan on 8 September, 20
  11. You are invited to the birthday celebrations of a friend, but you can’t be present there due to some unavoidable circumstances. Write a reply expressing your inability to attend the function.
  12. Draft a reply, in not more than 50 words, accepting an invitation to be present on the occasion of the first marriage anniversary of your friend.

We think the data given here clears all your questions of invites and answers and assures you to attempt all the questions in the exam. So, practice as much as you can from MP Board Board Solutions for Class 12th English and score well. Need any information regarding this then ask us through comments and we will give the best possible answer soon.

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