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Volleyball rules, positions and all you need to know

The game of volleyball was first included in the Olympic Games in 1964.

The hallmark of volleyball is the presence of discipline along with good energy. Talking about indoor volleyball, it made its debut at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. It hasn't stopped since then.

Volleyball is also played on the beach and is also played indoor. The parameters of both the methods are different. The arrival of the Soviet Union made a difference in the game, with Brazil and China currently ranked best in the game.

Volleyball rules, positions and all you need to know

In this game, where the Soviet Union had established its dominance in the initial years, now gradually Brazil and China have shown their power in this game in front of everyone. Read on to learn the status of volleyball at the Olympic Games, as well as the rules and history of the game.

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Rules of volleyball

Here are the simple rules for volleyball from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

Two teams play in it at a time and 6 players represent their team in each team. A net is tied between the two teams. The coin is tossed before the start of the game and whoever wins has the right to serve first.

A serve means that a player throws the ball from behind the baseline to the other team's camp (across half the court) and the game goes on like this. After that they have to bowl the ball in their opponents' camp. The player who pitches the serve from the front makes the ball to his teammates with four arms and this is called a 'pass' or 'bump set' in the parlance of the game. The player who gets the 'pass' or rather the second player is called the 'setter' and tries to get the ball as close to the net as possible so that the third player can smash. Use it to collect points. It is worth noting that any player who hits a smash is called a 'spike'.

After this, the team in front follows the same process by blocking that smash. The net usually has the longest and most flexible players. The game continues until someone fouls or the ball hits the ground, and if this happens, the team in front gets a point.

How to get points in volleyball

A game consists of 5 sets and the first 4 sets are worth 25 points. If the score in the first two sets is 2-2, then the fifth set is of 15 points. One point is awarded after each rally is broken, and the team that scores the points is served by the team. If ever the score is tied either 24-24 or 14-14 (in the fifth set), the team needs two consecutive points to win.

The most common way to score points in volleyball is by spike. Most of all, this is the way a team advances its caravan by gaining points. Apart from this, some fouls can also collect points, such as going over the line while serving, if a player is touching the ball for the second time and during that time he also touches the net then it is also considered a foul. . If any team touches the ball more than 3 times to throw the ball in the other camp, then they also lose a point. On the other hand, if the ball is hit out of the court, it is also a foul.

Player positions in volleyball

There are 5 positions in a volleyball team, Centers, Middle Blockers, Outside Hitter, Weekside Hitter, Libero. In which the job of the centers is to make the ball for the spikers so that they can smash.

Middle blockers also play an aggressive game with defense. The middle blockers are responsible for stopping the fast coming smashes from the spiker and also attack if they get the ball in the middle of the court. Outside hitter is also called side hitter. They are the key attackers of the team and they play on the left side of the court.

Libero is one of the most interesting players in volleyball. His uniform is also different from others and he acts as a substitute. Libero is not allowed to block and attack and he comes on the court to pass the ball. Either he helps the team members in the defense or makes the ball for them.

How to hit a smash in volleyball

Smash is considered the most powerful shot and this shot collects the most points. The player in the spike position uses it to earn points for his team. A spike is primarily reserved for the outside hitter and the weekside hitter, although middle blockers also play the role of a spike when needed, to strengthen their team's aggression.

For a smash the center has to be made by tossing the ball into the air for the spike. The ball is made closer to the net and then Spike has to coordinate his run and jump to hit it on the other team's court. The better the center makes the ball, the more extra time the spike has and the easier it is to score points.

The qualities needed to succeed in volleyball

The specialty and strength of an effective spike is topspin. In such a situation, the hitter tries to hit the ball from the middle of the hand so that it also provides direction along with speed.

Volleyball court size and equipment

According to FIVB rules, a volleyball court must be 18 m (59 ft) long and 9 m (29.5 ft) wide. The upper part of the net is 2.43 m (7.97 ft) high for men (men's) and 2.24 m (7.35 ft) for women. The attackline that divides the front and back courts is 3 meters (10 feet) away from the net.

FIVB-accredited volleyballs weigh 260–290 g (9.2–9.9 oz) and have a girth of 65–67 cm (25.5–26.5 in) and a PSI of 4.3–4.6.

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