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What Is Super Coin & How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart

In this article, we have explained to you what is Flipkart super coins and how to use Supercoins in Flipkart in detail. By the end of the article, you will have a fair idea about Flipkart Supercoins and their benefits.

Flipkart has aced its way amongst one of the leading e-commerce sites. The site has achieved a fair amount of success and has gained quite a bit of popularity amongst Indian buyers. It has now reached a customer base of over a million.

Due to the outbreak of a pandemic, online business has boomed. This has proven to be an opportunity for these sites. With increasing acceptance, Flipkart has introduced unique and one of its kind concepts of super coins.

What Is Super Coin & How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart

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With super coins, customers will now be rewarded every time they shop from Flipkart. You can enjoy this benefit irrespective of the mode of payment you opt for. The reward coins are not only limited to Flipkart but can also be earned by using and placing orders on other sites like Urban Clap, PhonePe, OYO, Ola, Zoom Cars, 1MG, or any other brand partner through Flipkart.

The concept of super coins lets you shop with an extra bit of savings. If used properly you can save a great deal of money while using the supercoins. To make you understand better, we have created this guide for you to know everything you need to know about Flipkart super coins and enjoy their maximum benefits.

It is a form of reward you earn while shopping on Flipkart. This reward depends directly on the amount you spend. In simple words, the more you spend the more you earn. The regular customers may earn up to 2 super coins per 100 rupees you spend and a maximum of 50 Flipkart supercoins per order.

Flipkart offers additional benefits to plus users. Flipkart Plus users may earn 4 supercoins per 100 rupees spent and a maximum of 100 supercoins per order.

However, if you earn more than 200 supercoins, you have automatically upgraded to a Flipkart Plus member for the next twelve months. This is another benefit of supercoins as you can enjoy additional benefits being a plus member.

Moreover, you can use these coins in over 5000 offline stores, you may even pay 100 percent of your bill using them. You can do so by scanning the super scan QR pay code. YOu can even purchase OTT subscriptions, enjoy flight or hotel discounts.

You can use your Flipkart super coins in a 3rd party store. This is a unique benefit that is not provided by any other website. It is a massive move taken by an e-commerce site in India.

Use of SuperCoins in Flipkart

The use of SuperCoin is not limited to just Flipkart. You can use these rewards at a variety of brand partners and many offline stores. You can use SuperCoin to enjoy over 300+ rewards on Flipkart itself. You can take advantage of amazing discounts, or even buy stuff for Rs.

Once you reach 200 SuperCoins, you become a member of Flipkart Plus, and then you can get additional benefits such as free and fast delivery, quick access to sales, exclusive customer service, and even you can earn your SuperCoins. You can trade-in cash for amazing rewards.

Becoming a Plus member will help you earn even more SuperCoins. You can use the allotted Flipkart SuperCoins to book flights through the Flipkart app and enjoy great discounts. The app will offer you the best deals. By doing this you will also earn more SuperCoins. This gives you double the benefit.

A step-by-step guide on how to use Flipkart Supercoins

In order to get the maximum benefit, you need to know how to use these reward coins properly. It is very easy to use and helps you save a lot of money. We made this list for you to make it easier for you to access and take advantage of these reward coins.

Step 1 - Go to the Flipkart app on your mobile or computer

Step 2 - Click on your name in the top right corner.

Step 3 - Once the page opens, click on 'My Reward Store'.

Step 4 - Now select the desired category and click on 'View All'

What Is Super Coin & How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart

Step 5 – Explore and tap on the offer you want to claim using Flipkart Supercoin.

What Is Super Coin & How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart

Step 6 – The last step is to click on ‘Claim offer

What Is Super Coin & How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart

For the Flipkart Plus members:

Flipkart Plus members can use their SuperCoins for the products they wish to buy, the following are the offers you can enjoy with SuperCoins:

Use the 'Supercoin price' filter to find valid products for this offer.

You can also buy EVG and Coupons from this SuperCoin area.

Buy exclusive deals from the Supercoin region using SuperCoin.

You can also use super coins to book flights through the app for amazing discounts.

How to Check Supercoins in Flipkart

You can check out Flipkart SuperCoins to keep track of your reward coin balance. To check, follow these steps:

  • Visit Flipkart's website or app
  • Login to your Flipkart account
  • After that go to Flipkart Plus Zone
  • On the right side, there will be 'My Coin Balance', click on it.
  • Your Super Coin balance will appear.

How many Super coins are required for Flipkart plus membership?

Flipkart SuperCoin also offers many additional benefits. You earn 2 Flipkart SuperCoins for every Rs 100 you spend and up to 50 SuperCoins per order.

But once you reach the limit of 200 SuperCoins, you are automatically upgraded as a Plus member which will now let you enjoy many additional benefits that will make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable. will make Although no Super Coins will be deducted from your balance, you can still use them. Some of the benefits of being a Flipkart Plus member are listed below, take a look.

  • Free Shipping: You no longer need to have a minimum cart price to take advantage of free shipping. Shipping charges always bother us as Indians. We don't want to pay those extra charges.
  • Early Access to Sale: Have you ever been eyeing a product and saving it to buy later during the sale and finally when the sale comes the product is out of stock. It is very disappointing that once you become a plus member, you will never have to face this problem again. You can arrive early for upcoming sales and place your order in front of everyone.
  • You can earn coins for reward and access: With being a plus member, you earn more coins; That is, 4 coins per 100 rupees spent and up to 100 supercoins per order. Now you can earn more coins and exchange them with great deals.
  • You will be offered better customer support: Your complaint or query will be given priority over other Non-Plus members. You'll get an extra special treat.

How to earn free Supercoins in Flipkart?

The only and simplest way to earn SuperCoins and enjoy maximum profits is to place orders on the site and spend money. In other words, the more you spend on Flipkart, the more Super Coins you will earn. You don't need to do anything else.

For every Rs 100, you spend, you will be given 2 Super Coins per order and a maximum of 50 SuperCoins. This is the case if you are a non Plus member. But once you reach 200 Super Coins you will automatically upgrade as a member of Flipkart Plus.

This is great for you to earn more supercoins, once you become a plus member you will be rewarded with 4 super coins for every 100 rupees you spend on the site and you earn 100 supercoins per order can.

So you earn double rewards after becoming a member of Flipkart Plus. So to earn more starcoins you need to be an active buyer on the site and then you can make the most of this unique reward system.

Also, you can earn Super Coins by availing services from Flipkart's partner brands like Oyo, Ola, Zoom Cars, and many more using SuperCoin Zone. However, this feature is available exclusively if you use the app for this purpose.

You can also earn SuperCoins by booking your flight through the Flipkart app. In doing so, you can also enjoy amazing discounts offered by the app.

Another way to earn reward coins is by playing games on the app. Now you can use your free time to play games and earn rewards for your next online purchase.

What is the Value of 1 Flipkart SuperCoin?

Flipkart has not directly disclosed the Indian Rupee equivalent of 1 Flipkart SuperCoin. However, we estimated that one supercoin is equal to one Indian rupee. We have concluded from the fact that 2500 Supercoin gift voucher is worth Rs 2500.

Nevertheless, the offer varies from product to product. As mentioned earlier, this Super Coin can be used to avail of a discount on your next Flipkart order or to pay bills at any partner offline store or to book with a partner online store.

What is the Validity of Flipkart SuperCoins?

Flipkart converts your plus coins into 10 super coins. This means that if you had 1 plus coin, you would now have 10 supercoins. Supercoins have a validity of 12 months. They expire after 12 months, beginning at the end of the month they were credited. In simple words, your SuperCoins will expire at the end of the month in which they were deposited the year before. For example, if 10 supercoins were credited to your account on 17 May 2021, those 10 supercoins (if not used) will expire on 17 May 2022.

To keep proper track of your SuperCoins so that none of it goes to waste, we recommend that you keep checking your balance. You can check your Supercoin balance from the top of the Supercoin zone on your app.

When will the SuperCoins be credited to your account?

Once you have placed your order and received it, it is under the return period. During this period you may return your product or exchange it if you are not satisfied with it or for any other reason. SuperCoins for any particular order will be credited to your account after the expiry of this return policy.

When booking travel/stay through the Flipkart app or partner app, the SuperCoin earned for that payment will be credited to your account after the booking date has passed. You can check the status of your Supercoin balance and all transactions you have made using them in the Supercoin area.

The cancellation and refund policy of SuperCoins:

Estimated SuperCoins used or earned are calculated using the entire cart value. If you cancel a particular order from the cart, the supercoins used and earned will be resumed based on the new total cart value and the supercoins will be calculated accordingly.

If you return a particular product, you can check the details each time in the 'Order history page' or 'Supercoin' area.

However, bounty coins used for bounty redemption are non-refundable. Once you have purchased a reward, you cannot return or cancel it. That's why we suggest that you place your order very carefully after considering it thoroughly.

What Is Super Coin & How To Use Supercoins In Flipkart

Flipkart has stepped up its customer satisfaction game by introducing the concept of SuperCoins. It is unique and the first of its kind in India. You can use these reward points to pay bills at over 2000 offline stores and online sites like OYO, Ola, ZoomCars, and many more. The concept behind earning these reward coins is quite simple, the more you spend the more you earn. You can claim supercoins by buying great deals, you can even book flights.

You can enjoy a whole new experience of online shopping which is more convenient and satisfying. In this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about these supercoins. We did this so you can make the most of it and save a lot of money. Read this for maximum benefits and enjoy shopping!

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