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We can sometimes see Mars from Earth with our naked eyes, this planet is one of them. Here is an interesting fact about Mars.

What are 5 interesting facts about Mars? What are 3 interesting facts about Mars?What are 10 interesting facts about Mars?Why is Mars unique? Does Mars have oxygen? Who named Mars? What color is Mars? Is Mars Hot? What is the hottest planet?

  1. Of all the planets in our solar system, there is a possibility of any kind of life on Mars.
  2. One day of Mars is equal to 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds.
  3. Like Earth at the polar ends of Mars, a small amount of frozen carbon dioxide and even water is appropriate.
  4. It is believed that there was once more water flowing around the planet like Mars! It is also possible that Mars may also have a blue sky!
  5. The tilt of the axis of Mars is 25.19 degrees.
  6. Mars Planet's weather is similar to Earth's weather because its axis tilt is equal to Earth's tilt!
  7. On the planet of Mars, the Sun is seen as half as visible from the Earth!
  8. Mars is named after the Roman god of war, so it is red in color!
  9. In Greek, Mars was known as Ares.
  10. Only 1/3 of all missions to Mars have been successful.
  11. Mars is commonly known as 'Red Planet' because the surface of Mars is red.
  12. Scientists first discovered the ability to produce water on this planet in 1971 as a volcanic source!
  13. When Roman and ancient Egyptians studied the sky, they realized that Mars Planet is a planet like the Earth!
  14. Mars is red because on its surface what we commonly know as rust is iron oxide. This is why Mars appears red in color!
  15. The crust of Mars is 50 to 125km thick, which is more than 40km deep.
  16. Mars is about 141 million miles from the Sun.
  17. The temperature of this planet goes up to 70.7 ° C – 140°C throughout the year!
  18. Mars is one-tenth the size of Earth with a density of 3.933 g/cubic centimeter.
  19. The gravitational force of Mars is also less than that of Earth.
  20. Mars has 687 Earth days in a year.
  21. When Mars Planet is close to the Sun, there are a lot of dust storms on it!
  22. Their two moons of Mars are named Deimos and Phobos.
  23. 13th November 1971 The first artificial satellite Mariner 9 officially entered the orbit of Mars!
  24. Mariner 9 took 7329 pictures of Mars and stayed in orbit for 349 days.
  25. The largest volcano in the solar system is on Mars.  It is known as Olympus Mons!
  26. Olympus Mons is 27 km high and 600 km wide.  Which is more than 8.85 km higher than Mount Everest.
  27. The diameter of Mars Planet is roughly 4220 mi (6792 km).
  28. It is said that an Alien Skull (Skull) was also found on Mars!
  29. Currently 12 man-made objects are present on Mars.

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