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Hello friends, through this post today, we will tell you what is Kutumb app? How to use the Kutumb app, How to create a profile in Kutumb App, How to create an organization in a Kutumb app, How to create a group in a Kutumba app, Features of Kutumb app, What are the reputation points of the Kutumb app? How to improve your reputation points and we will also tell you what you can do through this app. So let's start. (Kutumb app kya hai in hindi)

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What is a Kutumb app?

Kutumb is an Indian messenger app, it is like any other messenger app. In this app, you can create organizations and groups. The way pages are made on Facebook, similar organizations are made in it.

Just as everyone creates groups on Facebook, similarly groups can be created in this app.

You can chat with all the people who have joined the group in the Kutumba app, the person who has created the group is the administrator. He would like to have someone who can make him an admin and remove him from the group. The same happens in other messenger apps.

How to create a profile in Kutumb App

  • To create a profile in this app, first, you need to download the Kutum app from the Play Store.
  • After that, if you open it, then you will be asked to put a mobile number in it. Type in your mobile number and then click on proceed.
  • Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, that OTP will have to be submitted.
  • Now after this you can create your profile. After creating a profile, you can now create chat groups and organizations, as well as follow people or join their chat groups.

How to create an organization in a Kutumb app

As we have told you that using the Kutumb app is very easy. Similarly, it is also very easy to create an organization in the Kutumb app. 

  • To create an organization in this app, you have to first click on the organization and then click on the new organization.
  • Now you will write the name of your organization, after that, you have to write about the organization in more than 100 words.
  • After this, you have to put the logo photo of the organization, after that, you can also apply the grave photo. Submitting and clicking Submit creates your organization.
  • Now you can upload the post. You can upload photos, videos and YouTube video links, audio, PDF to the organization and can also post many types of files in it.

How to create a group in a Kutumba app

It is also very easy to create a group in a Kutumb app. Let's know

  • To create a chat group, first, click on Create a new group.
  • After this, give the name of the chat group.
  • Then write about the group in more than 100 words and upload a photo of the group.
  • After this click on submit.
  • In this way your chat group becomes ready. Now anyone can join your group and you can chat with them.

Features of Kutumb app

On this app, you can also know the address of the person, such as which state he is from, and his nearest location is also shown.

Also, you can see how many users are in which state. You can also know how many people from which state are using this app.

What are the reputation points of the Kutumb app? How to improve your reputation

Pratishtha points are given according to reputation by the family app. If you want to increase your reputation points then more and more of your people have to be added to this app, which will increase your reputation points.

For this, you can share this app on WhatsApp, as well as share your referrer code. So that whoever downloads the app from your gender, you should use your own referral code. This way your reputation points will increase exponentially.

So friends, in this way you can create and use organization groups in Kutumb App. You can also follow people. And thus one can enjoy the Kutumba app.

Other information of Kutumb app

You can also get lion Shayari and Whatsapp status from the Kutumb app.

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