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Supreme Court Complaint No. Supreme Court Helpline No. Complain to the Supreme Court?

Supreme Court Helpline Number, Supreme Court Contact Number, Supreme Court Phone Number, Supreme Court Telephone Number, SC Contact Details

Do you want to contact or contact the Supreme Court of India, Supreme Court of India, Supreme Court of India phone number, or Supreme Court helpline number, want to know? Here we will read about all the information related to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is the highest court of appeals. It is the largest body concerned with the jurisdiction, independence, powers, procedures, and organization of the Constitution. Parliament can also regulate them. This can increase the number of judges. Parliament cannot curtail jurisdiction but can extend it.

Supreme Court has the power to punish for its contempt.

Judges are appointed by the President. The Chief Justice is required to have a chair as many judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, as he is necessary. For other judges, he is referred to as the Chief Justice of India and S. C. and H. C. as many other judges as he may deem necessary.

The conduct of judges in the performance of their duties cannot be discussed in Parliament when a motion for their impeachment is being considered.

Here is the phone number?

Supreme Court complaint number

Supreme Court AddressSupreme Court, Tilak Marg, New Delhi 110001
Phone Number011-233-88922

You live in any part of the country, but if you want to contact the Supreme Court, then you can do this, for this you have to call the Supreme Court office number, from there you can get any information, information related to the court. Or you can ask questions, being a citizen of India, you have the right to contact the court. But do you know, what is the phone number of the Supreme Court, or if you want to ask a question related to the Supreme Court, then how to do it, friends, you can take the help of Google for the question, like if you have to ask the Supreme Court If you want any information related, ask some questions, or want to know the powers of the Supreme Court, then for this there are very good articles on Google, from where you can get all types of information properly.

For the time being, for the time being, we are posting here Supreme Court of India's phone number, office number which we have received from their website, if you want to know anything about timings, then contact on these contact numbers You can get more information by.

Information will be available from helpline number

Complete information will be available from the helpline number 011-233-88922. Is there any helpline number of Supreme Court also, this question has also been asked by some people, the answer is no. That is, till now the Supreme Court has not issued any helpline number, only their office phone number can be used to contact the Supreme Court, however if you want more information about this, visit the Supreme Court website But there is a lot of information available. Rest I have seen many times in the news, that even Supreme Court may issue their helpline number in future, till now none of their official helpline number has been issued. If the Supreme Court of India will issue any of its helpline numbers, then it will be first informed on the website of the Supreme Court, we will also give you new information on our website.

But if you want to contact the Supreme Court now, to find out their office number, then you can contact using the contact details we have mentioned above. If there is any problem in getting the call on the contact number, then after some time, the number also comes busy, but it does not mean that the number is wrong. You will also find this number on the Supreme Court website.

Supreme Court work

Do you know, what is the function of the Supreme Court in our country, what are the powers of the Supreme Court, if you prepare for a government job, or have knowledge of GK, then you will definitely have this information, but If it is not, then we also share some important information related to the Supreme Court here, so that you know the basic things about the biggest court of the country.

powers of supreme court

Punishment for contempt of court (civil or criminal) with simple imprisonment of up to 6 months or with fine which may extend to 2000. Power contempt means strong will towards any decision. Criminal contempt means the doing of any act which abridges the authority of the court or causes interference in judicial proceedings. Doing so falls under the category of punishable offence.

  • Judicial Review – To examine the constitutionality of legislative acts and executive orders. The basis of review is limited – parliamentary law or rules made by the Supreme Court.
  • The Supreme Court also has the power to decide the disputes regarding the election of the President and the Vice-President.
  • The Hon'ble Court also has the right to inquire into the conduct and behavior of UPSC members.
  • If a case is pending in the High Court, then the court can also hear it on its own.
  • Appointment of ad-hoc judges- Article 127 states that if at any time there is a lack of quorum of judges of the Supreme Court, the CJI may make a request in writing with the prior consent of the President and the Chief Justice of the High Court. be duly qualified to appoint a High Court Judge as a Judge of a SC.

Revisional jurisdiction: Under Article 137, the Supreme Court can consider any of its orders or decisions.

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